Fuck, Shit, Piss, Damn, and other such profanities...
2007-03-18 18:07:41 ET

So... today was pretty cool! I went to santa Monica pier with a good friend of mine and we had some good times. Got new jewelry for my snakebites/labret, had some good food, even went on that dinky roller coaster!

...and lost my ipod somewhere along the line...

We got back to the valley, and as i'm walking to my car I reach into my pocket to grab it.

Not there.

We check her car, under her car, my car, under my car, in her house... Gone.

Some fuckin' kid got one kick ass selection of music today...

My best guess is it slipped out of my pocket on that god damn roller coaster, which means it's long gone...

The only silver lining is The fact that ALL the music was backed up on the computer. I'm really glad I got senuti before his happened (senuti allows you to transfer music OFF the ipod, and onto the hard drive. This is great for when you snag music off a friend's computer or something)...

Anyways, looks like i'm going to have to buy a new one, fortunately the 30gb ones are only $249 now. It's a lot, but I've got a little extra so...

I get to engrave that fucker though!!! It can only be 2 lines, and fairly small, but it's still cool.

I was thinking
"Now, I am become Death,
Destroyer of Worlds"
by Oppenheimer.


something else... Any suggestions?

2007-03-19 20:36:48 ET

"Death is certain,
Life is not"

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