Long time, no update
2007-04-25 00:18:22 ET

So, it's certainly been quite a while. I thought I'd follow through with what I said last time and throw pictures of my two new tattoos up here for people to see. On top of that, i'll even entertain you all with meandering stories of whatever the hell I feel like.

so there.

Please excuse the black stain on my ear. These photos were taken right after I got the second tattoo, so I had ink all over my neck.
Kanji symbol: Gibberish. This was the one I described in the previous post.

Kanji symbol: Voices and Music

While getting the first one, I had the idea for putting th second one behind the right ear. I instantly fell in love with having gibberish in one ear, and voices and music in the other. It's entertaining to hear people say "well, you'll regret it ten years from now..." because the simple truth is I really won't.

I know it lowers the number of jobs I can work at (not that I can't hide them if I really have to...)
It's not going to sag when I'm old. You see sagging, shitty tattoos on old people because they didn't take care of their work. Not to mention, even if it does sag, at least i'll be crazy old grandpa with crazy tattoos, hair and piercings.

That brings me to my next topic. I've decided that on the slight chance that I DO one day grow up I will eventually fall back to being "strange looking". Here's my plan: By the time I hit 65 I intend to (if I have enough hair) cut my hair back into a mohawk and dye it bizzare colors. I will repierce my face, and quite possibly get new tattoos. I will cruise around the mall in my bathrobe and slippers, cane in hand, yelling at the other old people about how uncool they all are. I will buy beer for minors, and when the police stop me, I will claim that I'm just an old man and I don't quite know what I'm doing at times. I'm also going to try and reforge drug connections and go out like aldus huxley. That man never ever lost faith in LSD and other psychadelic substances, namely mescaline. He passed away at 76, and on the day of his death, 5 hours before he passed, he asked his wife to give him a dose of LSD which he kept in the safe. She said that after he took the dose he became very calm and peaceful, with a look of serene bliss on his face.

Actually... I probably will be to old to get any psychadelic drug dealers to trust me. Something about a 65 year old man with a green mohawk and peircings screams "narc" in the eyes of the paranoid hallucinogen peddler.

I'm absolutely looking forward to being old and eccentric. I've turned into my father.

So i'm going to existence on may 4th, 5th and 6th. Existence is this 3 day rave, where people will be camping and what not. It's going to be a blast, as long as the cops don't shut it down. I've actually managed to convince my sister to come with me to this one, so I'm WAY excited about that.

It's interesting, and in a way sad, to converse with people at raves. You find out they live nearby you and you wind up hanging out afterwards, outside of the party and off any substances. I had an incident like this recently with my good friend rigel, and a mutual friend of ours named ally. Ally, at least while at raves, seems smart, funny, charming and attractive. Of course, this is all seen under the venere of substance use., in this case MDMA. We come to find out that she lives, literally, a few miles from me. We all agreed that it would be fun to meet up the day afterwards, chill out and shoot the shit. When we go meet up with her though, it was as if we were really meeting her for the first time. She no longer seemed charming or incredibly intelligent. Certainly, intelligence was there, however it seemed disjointed and slightly removed due to constant use of Ketamine and Ecstacy.

This only further makes me believe that those who embellish themselves in a scene like raves and drugs, and show no control or use of moderation wind up completely worse for the wear. Moderation is god in the world of substance use. It's sad that more people don't feel the same way.

2007-04-30 07:02:58 ET

I agree wholeheartedly with the statement that people are more interesting at raves.suddenly their philosophies arnt so interesting when your coming down from a doble stack and disscussing them over belgain waffles at ihop at 6 in the morning. Its quite dissapointing...
And I too look forward to being one of thouse crazy drug addled old people. I figure ill wait till about 60 to try herion...dye my hair turquose and scream at little kids...
It'll be great

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