2004-08-16 16:11:16 ET

well, i got the site, gotta edit all of my settings though, this will be in progress over the next couple of days...

2004-08-16 16:13:13 ET

Welcome! How did you hear about SK?

2004-08-16 16:15:40 ET

hey, my friend, his name is tetesuro

2004-08-16 16:20:41 ET

Welcome to SK
And well if Tetesuro told ya about that means your gonna have good taste in music right.

2004-08-16 17:04:10 ET


2004-08-16 17:14:45 ET

welcome to sk!

2004-08-16 18:05:13 ET

Welcome dude! I think I heard ya outside with Ron just now.

2004-08-16 19:31:39 ET

Welcome Welcome!

2004-08-16 19:33:47 ET


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