2004-08-18 18:50:06 ET

work is tough this week, however things seem to be workin out at the site im at, for those of you who dont know me im a construction worker, making money to pay for future college costs... i do all of this in the big city...manhatten

as far as the band goes i wrote a song which we will probably work with, i am currently finishing up the lyrics, its tough, i usually end up with the complete song without lyrics, its what i do, i dont sing, i play guitar...oh well...whatever...my band is aiming at a metal sound, standard metal, well i got practice on saturday with the band, hopefully everyone can make it, i wanna get our first two songs down, so that when it is finally the way i pictured them to be, we will write the final copies of the sheet music. i hope it all goes well, i think we sound good together, and maybe this weekend ill end up jammin with my good friend greg, he usually teaches me a thing or two, its helpin get much better than how i used to play...

2004-08-19 04:04:27 ET

Since I am completely clueless when it comes to music ... umm good luck ? =)

Work is fun. I work in a motorcycle shop and am putting myself through college. I pay very little rent now and financial aid takes care of all my college costs. Thank goddess for that. School costs too much. My tuition was $500 and my books for this semester are $473.

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