2004-08-25 18:37:36 ET

Well, this weekend i gotta do somethin, i wanna go to the city, but is that really smart, with the convention comin up and all, everyone is in all hell, and like "terrorists may strike" if you ask me, i mean, if people were smart, they are expecting an attack, and yet, more people come to the city than normal, wtf? and i really really hate all these hippie protesters, what the hell is wrong with these people, they have nothing better to do than to travel out of their way, to be, what they call..."heard" thats complete bullshit, sitting in the street holding a blood stained sign isnt gonna change anything, so why bother, i mean, get a life for christs sake...damn yuppies with their mineral water and yoga,
these people dont really learn until it hits home, they bitch about the war and all that crap, but if you ask me...letting crap continue along the lines of Saddam, usually goes bad, i mean look at hitler, this country was fine during world war 2 cause there were no god damn protesters, everyone did what they were told, and this country functioned correctly.
And what really makes me sick to my stomach, is that these people have sympathy for these god damn iraqi's, who gives a shit if a few of em die, we are fixing the problem, things take time, especially if thing is covered in sand, my point is, our country goin into a verbal war with itself makes us seem weak to them, and im sorry but that just cannot happen

by the way...there goes my weekend...damn hippies

2004-08-25 19:38:21 ET

I heard mention of Anit-War Protests that took place during World War II. Well, I can't find didly squat on google on the subject. It is my imagination that there is always an anti-war movement during any war in any country.

The point is... war is wrong but it is not an invention of George Herbert Walker Bush. But, as much as them hippies annoy us, lets not forget about vietnam and the draft. From what I understand about the draft (*ahem* these days), going to school only keeps a man off the front lines for one semester at best.

I still stick to supporting the troops that are currently in Iraq. God bless these men as well. I can't imagine anyone in the White House wishing us to suffer the same fate.

As (devils?) advocate for the left, I still don't believe voting Bush out of office (at all costs) is the answer. If voting Bush out of office means voting John Kerry into the White House. I would stick to principle and vote third party.

Excuse mistakes in grammer and spelling.

2004-09-14 19:53:02 ET

You are ignorant, and fat.

2004-09-14 23:50:32 ET

People that think like you make me sick to the stomach.
You really have no idea whatsoever do you?

2004-09-15 00:19:51 ET

2004-09-15 07:32:21 ET


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