weekend was cool
2004-08-30 18:39:47 ET

this weekend was good, it started off on sat with me and greg goin to guitar center, which kicks ass, for those of you who dont know, its a glossy, mahogony version of heaven. I had a good time, only wish i had more, we'll end up goin again on an all free day, probably when it opens up.
i brought my gibson sg (as featured on the site), and greg grabbed a kick ass jackson V, and we jammed, i learned about how muck Crate half stacks suck, i get no sound, i was prayin to see a marshall half, but there were none...oh well
after it was on to the virgin records megastore. i picked up a zippo lighter, and a 3 disc live album of Iced Earth, alive in athens, which is great...after we left the store me greg and matt, broke off of the crowd and headed to str marks place...we stopped at various record stores, in which, i continued my search fo the iron maiden, somewhere in time lp...i didnt find it, so the search contiues....
headin out was cool, because heading out was our primary intention, it ended up being the last thing we were actually doing, its fun walking in squares, its like a bad episode of the twilight zone... matt ended up stayin at gregs, and we listened to his thin lizzy cd, which is really good too...
the night ended with me goin home at 5:30am, and eventually sleepin at 7:30am

Then came sunday...it was a pretty mellow day, relaxed all day, listen to music, played guitar, then round 5, greg and matt call, we went to a+, then i hung out at gregs for a bit... all in all it was a good weekend
however...this week looks to be a drag cause of the convention, and the packed city

2004-08-30 19:18:16 ET

Yeah, I'm good for labor day as well. I'm thinking of making a trip to a beach during the weekend as well. We'll see what happens.

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