2004-09-07 18:35:54 ET

I went to guitar center on monday, had a great time checkin out all these crazy amps and such...i went with greg and matt, i ended up goin home with another Black Label Society album, this one called Sonic Brew, i think its the best one i own so far...and i also bought ESPN Football 2005, its the best football game i ever played
this week seems like its gonna play out all easy at work, whick is a good thing, i can relax now, plus, its only four days, next weekend, i dont know what im gonna do, probably the usual, hang out at various friends houses, including jammin with greg...i just dont wanna quit with this guitar thing, i feel myself getting better when i play

2004-09-07 19:48:15 ET

I've been totally dreaming about that '60 Les Paul. It's the best guitar I've ever played!

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