2004-09-09 14:41:07 ET

Ladies and Gentlemen...i have welcomed a new member to the family....
THE IBANEZ ArtWood 100
this guitar is a supreme acoustic, it sounds wonderful, and aint too bad lookin...cant wait to jam....the pic is on the main page

2004-09-09 15:26:10 ET

nice... when it comes to acoustics... i really love taylor's though... just can't afford one...
but they probably make the best acoustic money can buy... in my oppinion... just they cost a couple grand

2004-09-09 16:01:57 ET

this is true, but i feel, that for the money you spend, ibanez's are just too good, im also a big fan of gibson acoustics, and their electrics as well, i own an SG, i never regret buyin that one

2004-09-09 16:44:21 ET

yea... i would like a better electric personally... right now i have a washburn p290 with soapbar pick ups... which it's not a bad guitar at all... it's good for clean style playin'... or if you want that raspy classic rock sound...
which is more my style anyways...

i had a washburn acoustic that was really nice... i like thinbodied acoustics... cause the hollow sound is really nice

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