2004-09-11 20:45:03 ET

this was the coldest summer we have ever had, where are all them global warming yuppies, oh i know, there bitchin bout bush....i woulod love to fight some of em in that classic batman fight seen mode, where as i would land a hit, and a sound of thwarp or pow or crunch would be wriiten across the screen

by the way, i seem to be the olny colored person on this site, yay for me,

p.s., if you are colored please send an 8x10 photo of yourself to 105 regis drive 10314 staten island n.y.

2004-09-11 20:59:09 ET

yea that global shit gets on my nerves... i wished everyone would just stop... it doesn't matter who's in office... they're always goin' do shit you like... and shit you hate... get over it...

(there's a few colored people on this site...) i can't say i'm one of them as you can see my pasty pale chest

2004-09-14 17:49:21 ET

mmm cold weather... im pretty sure theres lots of various colored people on this site... im just not sure what specific color you mean...

2004-09-14 23:57:03 ET

Dear god, just because the WORLD is warming due mainly to THE AMERICAN GOVERNEMENT who are one of the only governments in the world NOT to sign the kyoto protocol to reduce GREENHOUSE GASES (which they produce 25% of the worlds greenhouse gases) to slow the extent of global warming which IS going on, doesn't mean America specifically will get all toasty warm. The icebergs and glaciers are melting, is that not a weeny clue? What about the rising tides, extreme weather, and excess flooding?
Do yourself a favour and learn something about the subject you are talking about.

2004-09-15 00:16:00 ET

christ, chill out.... im sure the remark was made more in jest than in some type of ACTUAL concern... why don't you ask a question before you freak out about stuff... like, oh, i dont know, saying "are you serious? do you really think thats why ::insert global warming facts here::" rather than assume so much.

2004-09-15 00:16:21 ET

oh, and by the way, welcome to sk firebird, i didnt catch your first post the first time around :)

2004-09-15 00:32:56 ET

Ha! By observing some of the other stuff he has said, I severely doubt it was in jest. Even if it was, it is not exactly a hilarious subject. Excuse me for caring about the world I live in.

2004-09-15 00:37:08 ET

the other stuff he's said? about guitars?

and excuse me for not being an idealistic teenager. i honestly dont care what happens to the world in however many years. now, im not saying i take aeresol cans and go outside and spray them around, but a bunch of people getting upset on the internet isnt going to help anything.

2004-09-15 00:40:46 ET

i don't know... it's been one of the coldest summers i've ever been through... it's hard for me to take global warming seriously

2004-09-15 00:40:59 ET

No, 'who cares if we kill a few Iraqis' was more along the right lines.
If someone shrugged off something you cared about, especially without knowing anything about it, would it not upset you? Especially something so serious.

2004-09-15 00:42:28 ET

they killed a few americans... maybe not them... but people there... we retaliated... that is life... cruel harsh cold world... so no i'm not gonna get upset at everything that happens... because no the world is not... and will never be 'perfect'... so no i don't really care...

2004-09-15 00:47:13 ET

WHAT? Are you talking about the Iraqis who got killed in the crossfire, or the ones that were publically humiliated and murdered by soldiers?
I sincerely hope it's not the latter.

2004-09-15 00:49:55 ET

ewww i just read that entry and deleted everything i was going to say here.

i get what you're saying... it perterbs me when people act blase about americans killing iraqis, and when i say that, i mean the innocent people, not the ones trying to kill everyone else. god im pissed off about that now.

2004-09-15 00:51:16 ET

what about the 3000 unknowing people in the towers... and on the streets... in the pentagon... if america wouldn't have done somethin'... another enemy would've came out... cause if they get away with it... so can we...

no i don't give a flying fuck... cause yes i would rather them over me... and if i were to die so fuckin' be it... that's life...

no i don't think it's great that it has carried on this long... but do i look like i have the power to control that... no... so i don't worry about it... cause it doesn't matter what i think... so i choose not 2... cause it doesn't concern me... and when it does... that'll be my problem... but for the moment... i have no reason to care... what happens... because if i was worried about every fuckin' person who dies... i'd fuckin' go insane... people die everyday... all day long... i cannot stop that... so why fuckin' waste my life worryin' about somethin' i can't do anything about... when i can live my life how i want... while i still know i'm alive for the time being

2004-09-15 00:59:29 ET

christ you know what im not going on with this. im going to piss off more people than i should.

innocent people do not deserve to die no matter what side they are on.

2004-09-15 01:00:22 ET

That is very true.
And an eye for an eye is not the way to think.

2004-09-15 01:03:38 ET

i agree innocent people don't deserve to die... i'm just sayin' it's not my choice... so i'm not gonna act like it is...

2004-09-15 15:42:43 ET

apollyon gabriel, your a fuckin genious, i hate people that have bad lives, no friends, so they blame their problems on the government,...it just dont make sense

2004-09-15 16:35:34 ET

christ, english man, use it!

2004-09-15 21:09:28 ET

well thank you...

2005-01-24 19:50:54 ET

colored?.....what are you a 90 year old rascist you ass.

2005-01-24 19:55:33 ET

I've been here for almost 3 years and to my knowledge my skin hasn't lost its pigment... But yeah, definately yay to you for being the only colored person on the entire site. Glad you have the sense to think before you post.

2005-01-24 19:56:26 ET

*busts out the crayons*

2005-01-24 19:59:20 ET

You got an eraser too? I think I should try and get some of this black off of my skin. I don't want to misrepresent myself or anything.

2005-02-12 21:49:04 ET

I am "colored". I have been here since day 2 of subkultures.net before it was public..

I also just got back from Iraq 2 weeks ago.

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