2004-09-15 15:52:57 ET

to be honest if u hate this country, ignore it then, if u dont live here that is, i hate alot of things, but do i protest and rally, and try to recruit others...no i just let it be, if u leave something alone, you will find it bothers you less...then you forget about it, i would rather go on with my fuckin life then to blame all of my problems on the damn government

i got a job, i live in a good home in a good neighborhood, lots of friends, i see no need to bitch about the government, everythings cool

and in this country you have a choice to join the military, its not manditory, so who is to blame

2004-09-15 16:34:31 ET

I don't hate this country, and I'm a proud American. I object to what the government is doing right now, and am fulfilling my constitutional obligation to oppose said government. What the hippies you hate are doing is NOT ignoring the government because they want things to change. Pacifism isn't exactly the leading cause of change.

2004-09-15 16:59:38 ET

The first amendment says you're expected and encouraged to bitch about the government if you don't like it.

2004-09-15 17:00:58 ET

Let's flip dis bitch.

2004-09-15 17:01:15 ET

true, but, what will this change now, as they say, they are powerful, to powerful to actually give these people a chance to listen

2004-09-15 17:02:41 ET

You mean a chance to be heard?
Whether it changes anything or not, we're obligated to be heard.

2004-09-15 17:16:31 ET


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