2004-09-26 17:17:47 ET

what a cool cool weekend, got to jam with my buddy tetesuro, he's on subkultures, we used our new smokey amps, and went down to the local gas station/convenience store, and jammed for the people, it was really cool, we jammed for these bus drivers on break, and some of the local hip gangster wanna be's, who were like "play linkin park" and we were like, no, their guitar work is too simple, its all power chords and simple tunes. but one character that stopped to listen,(and wouldn't leave), was this drunk guy, but he was a pretty cool guy, kinda reminded me of the dude in a way but only too drunk to have the, as its said...dudeness...he knew most of what we played...it was a cool night, and the smokeys, well, they impressed alot of people...
saturday i played some football with my friend danny, it was good but then all these wiggers showed up and fucked it al up, then after, we went to my house to watch the yankee game however they lost...
sunday was good, woke up at like 12, watched some football then headed to rons to play some halo online, kina bummed out this sunday though, no jets game, theyre on a bye week, oh well
I gat a new cell next weekend and intend to get the LG phone only cause it does some cool shit...well gotta go, ill post to ya later

P.S. any references to-THE DUDE, or DUDENESS, would mean that you would have had to seen the big lebowski in order to understand the concept of dude and how it is used

2004-09-26 17:27:22 ET

..if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

heh, yeah! That would be nuts if we discovered a little scene out of a couple of bus drivers and "The Dude"

2004-09-27 00:42:24 ET

there's no reason, there's no fuckin reason why his his wife goes all over town-owes people money, and then they come and pee on your rug,

im thinkin, we go there next week with the reall amps, and the smokeys, so if they stop us we got the smokeys, its a bit of a risk, but it would be sooooooo cool.

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