2004-11-06 01:50:29 ET

oh man, its ben a long time since i last posted, there hasnt been much to say, life has been as follows...work, work, work, im starting to lose my minnd, this adult thing isnt gonna be fun, too much to worry about.
well in recent news, (alot of ya will be pissed about this) bush won, well the only thing i can see that will come out of this is, MY PREDICTION

1- Iraq- done
2- Korea- done
3- France- still hating us, despite the fact we backed em out of two wars
4- Saudi Arabia- belived to e holding weapons mass destruction
5- Gas- 27.50 a gallon

Changing the subject, i know some people here like Halo, well, i tell ya, the day is nearing for the coming of the second, in fact its this tuesday the 9th, so close and yet so far, if you people are into airplane combat games, ace combat 5 is some good shit,

2004-11-06 02:33:55 ET

yeah it just gives me gray hairs to think about what our future will lead us to......you have your worries and i have mine, i cant imagine what will things become if those bastard china pigs take us over..... we are no longer in a peaceful era arent we:(

2004-11-06 09:08:55 ET

You probably mean Iran instead of Saudi Arabia.

Also, what do you mean by Korea: Done?

2004-11-06 11:34:27 ET

u dont think he'll go after kim jong iL, that little bastard hidin somethin, he dresses too nice for a man who's favorite dish is pomeranian...

2004-11-06 11:34:52 ET

by the way, a pomeranian, is a species of k-9

2004-11-06 16:31:33 ET

Kim Jong Il isn't hiding anything. He claims to have developed nuclear weapons and has blown up one or two as proof. That's why we won't go after North Korea. Cause we know that they have WMDs.

2004-11-08 15:20:14 ET

dont mean he wont try to dis-arm them

2004-11-08 17:39:15 ET

I'm pretty sure that Bush has stopped all talks with North Korea.

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