2005-01-01 15:00:35 ET

Great new years, went to the city, first we went to Dangerfield's, a comedy club on 1st ave, between 61st and 62nd, funny shit, had a few beers too, the plan worked without a hitch, 18 and sittin front row sippin brew, there was a dude from chappelles show there doin standup along with others, after that it was time to hunt for a bar to view the countdown in, we found a nifty little place, but i forgot where it was, had a few. We then wndered the city to see the sights and sounds which consisted of couples falling over and vomiting, great night, with matt, tetesuro and nadina, i was glad i did this, it was better than the usual gettin drunk with the guys, it was something different, if i could i'd do it all over again

2005-01-01 15:16:25 ET

hah, those drunks looked like something out of that Hiroshima movie. We'll find that bar again.

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