2005-01-02 16:43:38 ET

for all you fans of a little movie with the title of THE BIG LEBOWSKI, White Russians truely are the drink of The Dude, if ya dont know how to make it, here goes...

2 oz. of vodka
1 oz. of kahluah
and milk or cream - served shaken with ice, crushed

2005-01-02 16:46:16 ET

white russians are the best drink, by far.

2005-01-02 16:48:38 ET

oh fuck yeah, hey, you ever see that movie, if not i suggest you do, it truely is one of the best american films

2005-01-02 16:49:59 ET

i am quite a drinker, but not a movie person.

2005-01-02 16:54:55 ET

thats cool

2005-01-02 16:58:46 ET

too bad partys like new years(i mean when the whole damn city is drunk) only come once a year, it was funny to wander the streets of manhatten, literally everyone, it ewas amazing

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