What the hell is that
2005-01-03 20:14:07 ET

I live on Staten Island, home of the worlds largest dump, One of the two manmade items that can be seen from space with the naked eye, the other bein that wall, anyway i had passed it the other day and my friend noticed a blue patch of garbage that seemed to stick out, cause the rest of the dump is usually this tan lookin incinerated gargbage color, but it was such an outsanding color and in one square patch, my friend commented,
"hey Chris, you see that patch of blue up on top of the dump"
i replied,
"yeah, must be all them discarded Kerry-Edwars buttons and bumperstickers everyone bought"

2005-01-04 08:13:32 ET

waitasecond... Are people allowed to actually go into the dump?

2005-01-04 13:26:07 ET

na, it can be clearly seen from the road, your practically a stones throw away, however, years ago, their used to be feildtrips to the top of a dirt hill, in which, the children could peer down ito the vast sea of garbage, they stop the trips sometime in 1995, they thought the kids were exposed to noxious fumes and cancer causing toxins, they do dump toxic waste there, there are an endless amount of studies that have been done on staten island births, the number of children born with a certain problem, most of it mentally, can be linked to the dump, im pretty sure they stopped dumping there, only for certain things, for instance, the 9/11 ruins were dumped there, it used to be you could smell that distinct smell on summer nights from my house, but not anymore, the thing is i live a good 5-7 miles from it

2005-01-04 13:30:24 ET

and this isnt some small number of kids, there are at least 20 kids that i know of on my block with down syndrome, my little sister know at least 6, my block is the largest residential street on the island, up to 400, houses with side tenants, so it is pretty big, its not like there are 20 houses with 20 kids with that problem, one day i will take a pic from each end, its one straight line which is a dead end, and is almost 3/4 mile if not a mile

2005-01-04 13:32:21 ET

yeah, don't you live in the house next to Tetesuro's house?

2005-01-04 13:43:04 ET

not next to im like a 2 min walk from his, i think his house is 40 numbers higher than mine, im always there, he's a jammin budddy

2005-01-04 13:44:20 ET

you guys hang out together, i remember him talkin bout' ya

2005-01-04 13:56:24 ET

Yeah. We've known each other for a few years now.

I'm thinking of getting a gas mask, painter overalls (the full body ones) and going to the landfill to scavenge for cool stuff.

2005-01-04 15:23:44 ET

im pretty sure there's a hobo sellin postcards and bumperstickers there

2005-01-04 15:44:34 ET

Is he a stabbing hobo or a singing hobo?

2005-01-04 16:25:15 ET

"living out my hobo life,
Stabbing folks with my hobo knife"

he tells tall tales for spongebaths

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