2005-02-02 20:17:50 ET

I have not been able to post lately due to a malfunctioning keyboard, but i got that problem fixed,
The EMG's are sick, i have never a heard a guitar sound so good. Its handling the bluesy sound with a great tone, and it tears ya a new asshole with the pedal all the way up. Now all I have to do is master the "dropped D" tuning that is used By Zakk and Nick. I have some BLS riffs down, however the effect zakk uses in "Lords of Destruction" off of 1919 Eternal is making it complicated for me to figure out. I know that he clicks on the wah, and pulls it all the way back for the riff, thats it, it doesnt move. It sounds great, but there is a slight change in pitch due to the wah...

March 8th, the release of MAFIA, Black Label Society's new album, Tetesuro and I will see them on April 7th, in Irving plaza

2005-02-03 05:07:18 ET

april 15th they're hitting up a small theater a few hours from me...I found out last night. I'll most likely be there if I can find some extra money

2005-02-03 17:57:05 ET

theyre shows are not too expensive, but you should go, ive only seen em on dvd, this will be my first time seeing them in person, but the show on the dvd kicked ass

2005-02-04 06:12:10 ET

I saw zakk with ozzy at ozzfest 2003, it was pretty sweet, so bls should be atleast as good, if not better

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