2005-02-06 19:23:10 ET

The party was good, i ended up in a great place, with my dad and all the other cops he had worked with, he's retired now, we got to watch the game on a a projection scren that rolled down out of a wall. It was the size of a movie screen, awesome. All the food and booze you could ever want.

One thing i love is what some people do, to be cool, or to have something to talk about in their daily posts, about how while everyone was out partying and being "american-dulled minded sports fans" they were inside, alone, maybe even read a book, cause its "healthy for the mind", the thing i love about it most is how you consider yourself to be of a higher state of mind

2005-02-06 20:28:04 ET

I have to read said posts by those enlightned people. I was enlightned by the fact that Paul Mc Cartney can still sing and play his instruments. I was never really big on the Beatles but he's still not too old Rock 'n' Roll.

2005-02-07 06:00:26 ET

I don't care what people say, law enforcement makes for good party folk. I went to my neighbor's with all my dad's B.P. co-workers. fun stuff

2005-02-07 17:18:20 ET

yeah, see this year they tried to clean up the half show, no more tits poppin out

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