2005-02-08 19:07:14 ET

strange day today, i learned that one of the guys i work with who is currently in charge of the laborers on my site, is out on disability, my boss stopped by today and handed me the position, cool. This means im now responsible for much more than i was before. The site im currently on now is a large apartment on Madison ave, i hear this apartment along with our work, will total 7.5m. We are nearing the stages of finalization, but this is where we must be most careful, everything is worth a shit load of money.

I recently purchased Ghost Recon 2 for my xbox, I think this game is pretty sick, its as hard as hell on the highest difficulty setting, but im stickin with it, its the first game ive ever played in which your hit once, your dead

2005-02-08 20:17:17 ET

Good luck with the new job man. I just realized that I haven't picked up my piece in two days.

2005-02-09 04:42:25 ET

Ghost recon 2 huh... I think most clancy games aside from splinter cell are like that, usually like 2 or 3 hits max, even on easy and they're done

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