2005-02-13 13:15:11 ET

im shakin' in my boots, you people take yourselves too seriously, i have no respect for someone i dont know, you seem to think that you might just scare me, its my job to be the one you hate here, and im glad, its not my fault i have a problem with some of you, i stick by what i believe in, and wont change that to get appreciation from the general public, thats just being fake and untrue to yourself, you see, i try to get others to like the music i like, instead of giving in to "what they listen too"

2005-02-13 13:26:37 ET

It's not anyone's job to be the person who is hated here.
It's a non drama community, if you can't get along, get out.

2005-02-13 13:36:41 ET

non drama, thats all you people do is try to create drama to get others to pay attention to you

i am not refering to you fallout, i dont read your posts

2005-02-13 13:38:55 ET

all i hear about is, "my boss screamed at me, or my girlfriend/ boyfriend is mad at me", or my mom and dad are fighting, everyone has problems, i dont give a fuck, you call it a non drama society, im fed up

2005-02-13 13:42:28 ET

its the only reason hot girls get reply's, cause lonely boys need one to talk to, so they pretend theyre interested in their dramatic life, its disgusting

2005-02-13 13:54:27 ET

There's a difference between informing people of the music you listen to and being an elitist about it.

Basically you tell people if they don't listen to your music, they suck.

2005-02-13 14:06:57 ET

its the fact that most people on this site start listening to this crap because their friends listen to it, or "that hot girl listens to it" truthfully im against the person, not the music

2005-02-13 14:08:32 ET

its the fake image they toss at you

2005-02-13 14:15:55 ET

I'm glad you down to Earth and not conceited about your image

2005-02-13 14:18:36 ET

i dont give a fuck what anyone thinks, i like what i like, im not here to impress you, you see thats why you deleted that comment i made on your tattoo, instead of letting others know what i thought, you deleted it in fear of it ruining your image

2005-02-13 14:22:19 ET

I don't remember whatever you said, but either way, I don't give a fuck about what you say, but apparently you do care about what other people think enough to debate about it every chance you get

2005-02-13 14:27:15 ET

you see, there you go, you were too happy with all the positive feedback, you wouldnt let my comment sit there, it was what i honestly thought, thats why i stopped giving a fuck, you people are all too sensitive, go post on some hot girls journal about how she like's to go to the park, see if you see some intrest in that, i dont

2005-02-13 14:30:11 ET

Sounds like somebodies feeling pretty emo today. Would you like a lolli?

2005-02-13 14:38:34 ET

thats a stupid thing to say, your postin on a journal in which you have no idea why i posted it in the first place, my point is, for most of you your best way to fight back is simply to delete or block, go listen to sykoradio haha " its crazy " !

2005-02-13 14:41:08 ET

I don't need to know what cause this post to know about your elitist views on other's posts (which is on more than one occasion).

Anyways, I don't have enough time to waste anymore on another metalhead, so I'm going to go and post on some hot chicks site to see if I can gain brownie points.

2005-02-13 14:42:00 ET

thanks, see ya later

2005-02-13 14:42:42 ET

now im that happiest little boy, i think ill have that lollie now

2005-02-13 15:44:07 ET

it is rather stupid. u go out of your way to play music that will be different from the radio and u get nada. But you are right, some ppl just listen and comment in other journals cuz a chick is hot, not cuz she writes anything relateable or noteworthy.

2005-02-13 16:21:51 ET

look look its someone with a brain lets attack him...thanks klemmy

2005-02-13 16:22:47 ET

ooo look taste! lets mock him though we secretly love what he's listening to!
your welcome.

2005-02-13 19:53:10 ET

If you're tired of it, then leave. SK has been like this, always.

2005-02-13 20:59:08 ET

yeah i can vouch that there is always drama.

2005-02-14 04:42:34 ET

Back in the beginning, or near to it, it was squabbling within the "Yuma Crew", then turned into something else, which turned into he said, she said.
Starting shit over music is gheytarded anywhere though. Seriously.

2005-02-14 07:37:25 ET

I missed the metal show? what the crap

2005-02-14 21:00:37 ET

I find it sort of funny when people say, "I'm not going to give into this or that because I'm the way I am. No one is going to change me.".

What the fuck? I thought like that when I was 16 or so, and I'm suprized you haven't learned it by now.

No one really cares if you change for them or not. A lot of people aren't even out to change you. Just because someone gives their opinion of a subject or you, doesn't mean they want you to change. Stop being so goddamn defensive. If your first response to anyones opinion is, "Your not going to change me.", I suggest waking up.

Although, none of this will effect you, because you're too c0r3.

2005-02-14 21:14:08 ET

From one Metalhead to another... Cut the shit and stop being a disrespectful little prick. Like Angel said if you don't like it here and you are tired of it, then get the fuck out of here. If you don't like what someone has to say or what others post in reply then don't read the journals anymore. How many people do you think bite their tongues when they read through your ignorant elitist posts? I've done it a number of times. The only time I've ever posted on your page was when I read that you are the only "Colored" person on Subkultures. Right there you displayed how asinine you really are. I see that you had nothing intelligent to say about those comments but it seems very rare that you have anything intelligent to say whatsoever.

I've been here for nearly three years with no major problems and I'm growing tired of your disrespectful comments being left on peoples pages. Yeah some people don't want to deal with your shit so they delete the trash that you pollute their journals with and block you. If you haven't noticed there aren't a whole lot of metalheads here so trying to convince people that the music they enjoy sucks and that metal is the only way to go isn't going to get you very far. So why don't you grow up and stop calling everyone who listens to punk fags and rudely calling out members who post something that you disagree with.

Since most people wont fight back and delete or block you instead, I offer you a formal invitation to come stir up all of the shit that you want on my journal. The only request that I have is that you learn what punctuation is. Some basic use of the 'period' key will allow me to sort through the great big run on sentence of nonsensical babble that pours out of your mouth more easily. Just so you don't feel like you are alone, I invite your nut-swinging friend tetesuro to come and let the shit spill from his lips too.

2005-02-21 17:27:06 ET

Metalhead, hardly, your the MTV generation Metalhead

2005-02-21 17:28:53 ET

those are all bands i would find on headbangers ball on MTV2

2005-02-21 17:32:29 ET

and by the way, the only reason i post meaningless comments sometimes, is because thats all i read, it seems when something you say is interesting, people dont really care, its the mindless nonsense that gets all of the attention

2005-02-22 06:06:18 ET

Oh I'm sorry that my whole comment is now void because some of the bands that I listen to have made their way into the world of MTV. You say that as if its a bad thing. As if Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or any of the other bands you have listed have never been associated with music television. Its totally mute to even argue about metal with someone who listens to the same thing that you do. I respect that you still avidly listens to bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden. But for me personally, I had to expand my horizons to the metal of other countries until I found something that I truely enjoy. So you can call me the MTV generation metalhead if you want to but there really isn't any point or insult. Had you actually paid attention to what's written in my bio then you would have seen "There are many more but I've listed enough." My bio is long enough as it is and its not there to prove anything to anyone. I think that you need to figure out what this community is really about.

2005-02-27 18:04:13 ET

nut-swinging? I don't get it.

Firebird's point, (from how and what I understand of it) is that you listen to "cool and trendy" music for the sake of being "cool and trendy." Now, that's his accusation, not mine. Perhaps you genuinely do dig that kind of music (music that me and firebird might label as "nu-metal.") You're just adding fuel to his flames by consoling Firebird as "one Metalhead to another." You are not a Metalhead, not by our definition. I personally don't care what music you listen too.

At the same time, you should not blame Firebird for his blatent posts. He's just showing his colors, just as you've been doing on your bio. I doubt if anyone cares that you listen to over hundreads of nu-metal bands that are just full of rubbish, RUBBISH I SAY!

I've even come to the conclusion that the music I listen to is rubbish. Just that my rubbish includes harmony, rhythm and proper song structure.

2005-02-27 20:38:51 ET

I was waiting for something profound to be said by the peanut gallery. Forget the nut-swinging part, I sometimes forget that that slang I'm accustomed to isn't used everywhere. Instead of nut-swinger try sycophant, truckler, barnacle, adulator, or bootlicker. And just in case you still can't comprehend, those are all more sophisticated words for "ass-kisser" or "lackey." In calling you a sycophant I am implying that whenever Firebird has something flagrant to say, you are always right there to reinforce his senselessness.

Like you said, you personally don't care what music I listen to. Which is good, I would hope that no one gives a shit either way. Please allow me to apologize for misusing your definition of metalhead. I have always understood that a metalhead was a fan of heavy metal music. In association I have also understood that there are many different genres of heavy metal music. Ranging from Classic Metal, to Hair Metal, Thrash Metal, Viking Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Folk Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore, Neo-classical Metal, and Industrial Metal to name a few.

Classify the music that I enjoy and classify me as well, it makes little difference. I didn't post a reply here to argue about what kind of metal makes someone a metalhead. Or that only a "true" metalhead can make a valid point as you seem to believe. I posted because I'm tired of assholes like you two bringing all of this negative shit to Subkultures.net. If you don't want to read about peoples lives and how "my boss screamed at me, or my girlfriend/boyfriend is mad at me, or my mom and dad are fighting" then go somewhere else. Most people came here to meet people who have similar interests, people that they can call friends. If all anyone posted about was which guitar is better or how they just jerked off to the newest Zakk Wylde album cover then I guess you guys wouldn't have anything to complain about.

I hate to break it to you but this is an online community. For Christ sake the slogan is "We are Kultured." People are always going to post about what makes them who they are and what they're thinking and feeling. SK is full of "punk fags," emo kids, rivetheads, rockabillies, beatniks, artsts, goths, and geeks. So in conclusion this arguement cannot be won. I guess I just need to understand that along with the many subcultures one can find here, I should also consider the closed-minded, frivolous elitists who come and go from time to time and will forever be a vexation on this establishment.

2005-02-28 04:43:17 ET


2005-02-28 04:53:01 ET

I guess I'm still kind of lost on how you listen to Nu-metal.. last time I checked bands like Samael and Sonata Arctica were far from, but bands like Zakk Wylde and Metallica have found a nice comfy place on MTV.

But isn't all of this a moot point? WHO FUCKING CARES WHAT YOU LISTEN TO, AND YOUR REASONS FOR IT. When I first joined Subkultures, I didn't really listen to anything BUT numetal. But after joining, I now listen to anything from Alien Sex Fiend to Missy Elliot to Wumpscut to Rise Against.. when you meet different people on a COMMUNITY site, you open yourself up to different kinds of music and people, you don't post snarky comments about other members and how their music sucks and how you're sick of their lives. Save that shit for livejournal.

2005-02-28 14:27:54 ET

Black Label Society? come on, theyre not on MTV. The other day, i was on their website, and they made a huge deal of the fact that their new video would be on MTV...2! One of the fan-sites clearly said, "youll have to sit through alot of shitty Nu-Metal bands in order to see it" unfortunatly, i was busy at the moment and missed my only chance to see them on your glorious MTV...2!...sigh. As for Metallica, their latest album is the last thing i would call metal. Of course theyre on MTV...2! There wasnt a single solo on that 70-something minute peice of shit...MTV...2! can have 'em

2005-02-28 14:57:11 ET

you know, you can always dl the music videos on KaZaA or similar program, so you dont have to sift through MTV 1 or MTV2 or VH1 prgraming.

2005-02-28 15:08:27 ET

thanks man, but i checked, it must have been two hours after the show aired, ill check tonight

2005-03-01 04:10:31 ET

Well, alot of those bands you're accusing him of liking that are supposedly "numetal" are played on MTV....2!

2005-03-01 14:53:03 ET

the fight of mainstream vs nonmainstream is a fight as old as music. thus i have nothing to say but i like mainstream and non-mainstream. .

2005-03-01 15:03:44 ET

In the end it gets down to one thing, who fucking cares. It's music.

2005-03-01 15:06:46 ET


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