2005-03-03 14:41:44 ET

That'll be the last time i ever turn on anything having to do with Mtv...

I turn on MTV...What do i see

1- Two gay men fighting over an issue in their relationship
2- A bunch of thugged out negro's "pimping" someone's "ride"
3- A documentary on the life of a struggling teen trying to succeed
4- A 2 hour show about how to deal with HIV
5- Countless gameshows
6- 16 min. commercial breaks
7- A show about a bunch of people thrown into a house...exciting
8- A show that airs the same 10 requested video's every day
9- A show with a bunch of punksters having fun with their money

I turn on MTV...2! what do i see

1- The same shit

2005-03-03 17:17:07 ET

Music videos relating to Nu-Metal are all related by similar plot. ...some babe that's playing hard to get for some cool and trendy asshole. ie. The singer with the waxed gotee, gunked hair, and tribal like piercings.

2005-03-03 17:19:54 ET

Correction: singer/guitarist

Guitarist were cool back in the day. They wore cloths with orange dragons sewed on their bell bottoms and followed Satanism (ie Jimmy Page).

2005-03-04 14:40:42 ET

And were able to play double-necked guitars

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