2005-03-26 22:01:59 ET

Its only two weeks now until the Black Label Society show. It will be my first BLS show. It takes place in Irving Plaza in downtown NYC. Joining me will be Tetesuro, Matt, and Burns.
We plan to arrive 2-3 hours early so that we can hopefully get to meet Zakk and the other band members, especially Nick Cantanese if they will be signing. Its also good to arrive early because the show is standing room only, meaning its fightin' time if you want a good spot. One thing is for certain, the beer will be flowing, and the music will be awesome. On the playlist will be...

Mafia- BLS's latest album will be played
Greatest hits- Spanning from Sonic Brew, the first of 7 albums
DimeBag tribute song- Zakk will play a Pantera song for Dime
Various sessions-including the National anthem, and solo(usually over 5 min)

The show will probably be about 2 and a half hours long... i cant wait

2005-03-26 22:48:42 ET

eww.... ROCK MUSIC!!! *slurps latte* Pardon my french.

Eddie Trunk played Dr. Octavia followed by Say What You Will the other night. It was awesome!

2005-03-27 06:27:05 ET

Thats cool, Eddie has played most of the album now. Ive heard Death March, Suicide Messiah, Forever Down, In This River, and Fire it Up

He also plays ALOT of the Priest Album

2005-03-27 17:22:15 ET

One of the guys I went to Ozzfest 2003 with got Zakk Wylde to sign The Blessed Hellride CD and it sits on his dresser in plastic wrap

2005-03-27 19:07:49 ET


2005-04-01 12:46:37 ET

I've heard Zakk Wylde is a real dick and an egomaniac. The other bands memebers might bullshit around and hang out with fans however.

2005-04-01 14:27:32 ET

is that so, cause from what all the press says(guitar world,Guitar 0ne, and Guitarist Magazine) at signings its hard to get everyone to see him. He usually spends about 10 minutes listening to what his fans have to say,

where did you hear this by the way, was this one of the topics brought up over sippin a starbucks coffe?

you obviously dont know shit, and just like before with the guitar, you come out of nowhere and say stuff that isnt even backed by anything, so please shut the fuck up for all our sakes. Im not even gonna block you like some people do, im just saying, watch what it is you say to me. Got it?

2005-04-01 14:29:45 ET

two, if he was an EGOMANIAC like you say, he wouldnt have even bothered to read an E-mail that was sent to him by a lone guitarist named NICK CANTANESE, who at the time was a nobody, but is now his right hand man

2005-04-01 14:30:53 ET

all i know is he signs guitars, cd's, posters, and will talk to ya for a good amount of time for no charge

2005-04-03 15:39:57 ET

yep, thats what he did... my brother and his friend sat and chatted for about 10 minutes with zakk while he was signing the stuff, while there was a line of probably a hundred people behind them...probably much to their displeasure

2005-04-03 19:43:00 ET

see, snowflake, your just an ass who likes to make people feel bad by spitting out a bunch of useless shit

2005-04-03 19:43:12 ET

did you ever see him?

2005-04-04 05:36:33 ET

At the time I had gone to the shitter, and then came back and they were at the front of the line with an ass load of people behind them. So I saw him, I didn't meet him or get anything signed though

2005-04-05 09:54:00 ET


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