2005-04-09 13:14:59 ET

That avatar pic was taken by me at the Black Label Society show, thursday night at Irving Plaza.

2005-04-09 13:33:16 ET

Fuck, my eyes are shot from jerking off too much and loosing my glasses. Why the fuck did you post a picture of some fag with short hair wearing a sweater and emo glasses? Nontheless, holding a STRAT!!! ...and why is it your avatar? Looks like SOMEONE has been to the Knitting Factory in recent history.

2005-04-09 13:34:13 ET


2005-04-10 16:52:16 ET

i know the guy that does the design for his guitars. this local guy, gary, did the razorwire version of bull's eye design. looked killer in silverleaf.

2005-04-10 19:48:27 ET

i still am amazed at the shot, and cant get over it. I mean, the moving crowd, the constant tossing. Its too perfect

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