All Hail The King
2005-04-21 13:30:37 ET

Sadly, the King Diamond show was a miss. The one thing we had gone to see, or hear rather, his voice, was in bad condition. He could hardly adress the crowd. What sucked is we had to sit through "bands" like Nile, Bahemoth, and Black Dahlia Murder...DEATH METAL...WHAT SHIT! Every song, every lick everything sounded the same. It sounded like every lead singer had a large cock shoved down their throat. What Shit!

Then...oh boy...some fresh out of college hipster walks over, and im sitting next to his friend. He says, Dude, that band Nile was awesome. To prevent myself from vomiting, i said...

What the fuck?
Kid- Huh?
ME- That was shit, didnt you think all those songs sounded the same
Kid- No, they were awesome
ME- Those solo's were shit, i know kids that have only played for a year or two and can toss together better solo's than that crap, thats not metal
kid- Its metal evolved

I then proceded to call him an ass, and then his buddie walks over and says "is he talking shit again", i gave him a look as if i were gonna kill him, and replied with a yes

about 20 minutes later, while waiting for the king, im sitting with my head down, and hear my friend matt call me, i then look up to see him pointing at my buddie tetesuro's shirt and talking like an ass.This was no ordinary shirt. It was BLS shirt. I then lost it...

Me- Fuck you, dont you ever badmouth Zakk Wylde
Kid- who the fuck is that
Random dude in a maiden shirt- He's the man, the dude is an awesome guitar player
Me- See, now turn the Fuck around, i dont wanna look at you anymore

Then the king came out...sounding as if he were in tears. Telling us that he is not 100% tonight, and that we can get refunds for our tickets. Now that is an entertainer, he knows we wont get what we paid for, so he gives it back. A true entertainer

2005-04-21 13:45:58 ET

I really like Behemoth, the singer is really nice. :)

But yeah.. I dunno.. maybe instead of looking down on it, and branding it as "non metal", just overlook it. I mean, plenty of people would still look down on you for liking Metallica, when they should have just stopped and called it good after the Black Album instead of embarrassing themselves further.

2005-04-21 14:18:42 ET

I haven't heard behemoth, but I can vouch for nile and black dahlia murder sucking the ass.

2005-04-21 17:42:50 ET

Its a know fact that my metallica status is, Ride, Kill em all, And master...theyre new shit, is terrible

2005-04-21 17:44:09 ET

However, out of the three, behemoth was the best, actually looked like they tried

2005-04-21 19:11:01 ET

Yeah.. I was SO disappointed when I heard St. Anger. I wanted to cry.

2005-04-22 05:39:55 ET

Remember that King Diamond still performed which is pretty fucking amazing of him.

2005-04-22 13:08:59 ET

Fuck yeah!

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