2007-12-13 19:43:38 ET

Well, here I am on Christmas break...which means I'm being as lazy as possible...I have to go let my dog out soon, and it's VERY cold outside (I live in North Dakota)... I've been like craving good conversation lately, so if anyone wants to talk, let me know!

2007-12-13 19:47:18 ET

welcome =]

2007-12-13 20:08:55 ET

Hi! Welcome to sk!

2007-12-13 20:55:14 ET

welcome to SK

*touches you*

2007-12-14 04:24:02 ET

welcome to sk!

2007-12-14 04:55:03 ET

Welcome to sk!

2008-01-08 07:09:54 ET

Welcome to Sk.net

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