my kitties
2008-01-21 12:26:35 ET

so, i always feel like a bastard when I pick up my cats when they're sleeping. but it's just sooo irresistible because they are so warm and cute when they're sleeping.. i seriously can't help myself sometimes. but then i think, man if i was a cat and some human came and picked me up when i was sleeping i'd be fucking pissed.

I was also thinking that if i was a cat that i'd be a cat that was super naughty all the time, and i'd fuck with humans all the time, but i'd be nice enough and at the right times where the house i'm living in wouldn't throw me out. ... wow, this sounds like my foster kitty named Donatello...
yeah, sometimes he bites my face while i'm sleeping (but he's purring the whole time)... i love him so much ...

2008-01-21 13:26:07 ET

I ALWAYS pick up my cats when they're sleeping, because it's so cute! They usually just cuddle me and keep sleeping.

2008-01-22 08:37:08 ET

mine don't. they get pissed and stalk off. haha.

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