2008-02-08 15:04:06 ET

so, I thought I should write another entry today since that last one was so angry. haha. I've just had a bad day today. my mood has totally gone to shit. I'm pretty sure it's because of the scenery.... i live in fargo, ND, and it's flat and very ugly in the winter, especially on such a overcast day as this. gross. the worst thing about being in such a blah mood as this is that it feels almost impossible to be creative, and I have a lot of art homework to do. maybe a little bud and good music will remedy things. currently on the play list (it's quite a mix today): The Who, Count Basie and Sarah Vaughan, Ani Difranco, Martin Sexton (as always), Andrew Bird, Cake, Pink Floyd, Thelonious Monk, Muddy Waters, and quite a few others. yes.. now i'm feeling better...

2008-02-19 07:08:44 ET

goddamn i wish i was in such a winter wasteland, overcast days and cold weather are my favorites, also rain and snow too.

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