SET YOUR GOALS.2006-10-16 03:10:47 ET

DURING THE WEEK: I promise to god that set your goals is amazing. I got to see them live on Thursday.
Our whole group pretty much got to chill with them after, I got to hug the band, i HUGGED set your goals. They taught Dana and I how to play CLO. :D! We were students to a dice game. I guess Juniour from set your goals has been talking to Dana and shes going to attempt to get us on the guest list for the Terror and Set Your Goals show in November. :D i'm STOKED.

Friday: I got to see Victoria Matoska on Friday. I love her just a whole lot. a LOT. We snuck over and stayed at Oats apartment. PLUS we discovered that JOE from TOO PURE TOO DIE wants to fuck TORI, so we're trying to get on that guest list for December. :D!

Saturday: Devestating.

Sunday: Even more Devestating.

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