Playing by school rules.
2006-03-23 07:16:28 ET

So pretty much My school has BLOCKED all of the bitchin websites.
so i stumbled accross this and it pretty much tickled my fancy.
:D seems like fun.
HOLY SMOKES, there are hardly any shows this weekend, but my lover from Madison is coming over.
well um

au reviour

2006-03-23 07:19:02 ET

Holy smokes indeed.

2006-03-23 07:22:32 ET

ah love :)

2006-03-23 07:27:38 ET

welcome... have fun with thy madison friend

2006-03-23 07:37:27 ET

1.)thank you jade, i feel very welcomed.
2.)love? theres no such thing matt.


2006-03-23 07:44:54 ET

then what is a lover?

2006-03-23 08:30:59 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-03-23 08:46:03 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

2006-03-23 11:06:24 ET

welcome welcome!
i rarely ever welcome new people. this is a new experience. am i doing this well?
i like the poppies. so i was just eating some poppy seeds, not too long ago... (in a loud voice) aren't they so delectable?

2006-03-23 16:05:51 ET

are those my poppies?

2006-03-24 07:12:38 ET

HAHAHHA popples?
i prefer fruit snacks.

2006-03-24 07:40:15 ET

okay, well those 'fruit snacks' are from my gallery?

2006-03-24 08:06:46 ET

2006-03-26 13:19:16 ET

welcome to SK

*touches you*

2006-03-28 07:16:50 ET

i don't let strangers touch me.

2006-03-28 07:39:24 ET

That's a pretty good rule.

2006-03-28 07:41:54 ET

I like to stretch in the hot tub
but not with strangers

2006-03-28 07:51:38 ET

I was taught to poke a stranger in the eye if they touch me.
eye poking hurts :[.

2006-03-28 11:25:11 ET

welcome! sorry I am late

2006-03-30 07:24:08 ET

haha awh no need for apologies, miss.

2006-03-30 07:38:35 ET

my eye hurts

2006-03-31 06:58:40 ET

i'm sorry.
why does it hurt?

2006-03-31 08:36:18 ET

cuz you poked me in the eye for touching you

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