Sparkly White Gages.
2006-04-28 07:25:30 ET

Gahhh it hurt realllll bad.
I talked to mr. naet.
And he was being nice and cute and i wanted to punch him.
Dana and I went to the skatepark only to stumble across ex. bf jordan.
we were talking to this boy named jeff west and he informed me that
jordan froze a live kitten and obviously killed it.
needless to say, i'm going to KILL HIM.
Today Dana, Tori and I are going to the laundermat to take some photographs.
For this is wisconsin and we make our own fun.
Saturday I do believe i'm heading to milwuakee to hang out with Grayson, Dana will of course come along.
Who knows.

2006-04-28 18:18:00 ET

i'm at 00g now. it's nice.

2006-05-01 06:53:46 ET

i'm having a case of the green eyed monster right now.
You're so luckyyy.
Gah, I'm going to stop at 4 i think,
I want to fit a light bright into my ear.

2006-05-01 07:09:34 ET

i know a girl that gauged with light brites and i didnt get it. at all.

2006-05-01 07:11:12 ET

its pretty much cheap gauges. ya know?
plus they're pretty colorful, which is nice?

2006-05-01 07:23:11 ET

i've spent over $200 on my ears alone and i really dont regret it. i buy a lot of organic products which are good, but expensive.

2006-05-01 07:25:18 ET

thats amazing. i'm so jealous. Maybe i'll just save up? idk.

2006-05-01 07:28:46 ET

well it helps if you know someone who sells body jewelry.
i sometimes get 50% off my gauges, but i've still spent $200.
i generally get 2-3 pairs for each size i have gone through so i dont get bored and rush it too much.
i took my gauges out, let them close up, and then gauged again because i missed them so much

2006-05-01 07:30:39 ET

hahaha yeah that would help.
Gauging is so addicting you know?

2006-05-01 07:32:41 ET

it is. i judge by the looseness - if theyre too loose it's time to go up a size

2006-05-01 07:33:50 ET

haha you are very wise won't kill you, very wise indeed.
You should write fortune cookie things, but for gauging.
among other things.

2006-05-01 07:42:43 ET

maybe i will!!

2006-05-02 06:50:09 ET

kayy good. E>

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