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2006-05-10 07:09:48 ET

Ah the good old days:

When i first met Victoria.


Lol @ us in santas sley?

See heres the thing.
I don't remember this being taken. ew@me.

2006-05-11 07:20:45 ET

aww, so cute!
i have the same bandana.

2006-05-11 07:22:12 ET

hahhaa i've had that bandanna since i was like 5?
I dunnoo!
i'm all pudgy.
its real funny. E>

2006-05-11 07:25:50 ET

me too.
you look great the way you are!

2006-05-11 07:29:42 ET

You make me day darling.
like everyday.
You= my new hero? E>

2006-05-11 07:30:12 ET

awwww, thank you thank you

2006-05-11 07:30:51 ET

you're very welcome! E>

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