Revenge was never so sweet.
2006-05-17 06:56:38 ET

SO yesterday i hung out with dana and we decided to go to the skate park to see my dear old friend Jamie.
Now jamie is my ex boyfriend jordan's twin brother [no resemblence whats so ever] and mike glenns good friend.
Jamie and i talked down there for a good hour and i offered to take him home.
So dana and i took him home and i got out of the car and we hugged..
and i said i deserved a kiss on the cheek.
he said no.
i deserved it on the lips.
and he kissed me.
hell yes.
i got the T and the E in technicooter down.

2006-05-17 07:02:19 ET

show me, show me, tattoo girl.

2006-05-17 07:04:14 ET

haha duh i'm on my schools computer.
the kikes won't let me upload themm.
and my computer is broken at home.
when i go to danas on friday i'll upload them and send
them to you ASAP.
by then i should be finished with the technicooter tat.

2006-05-17 07:04:36 ET

hell yes girl

2006-05-17 07:04:58 ET

helll yes indeed.

2006-05-17 07:30:37 ET

i feel left out and want a homemade tatoo

2006-05-17 07:31:45 ET


2006-05-17 07:35:01 ET

OKKKKKKKKKK as long as it sais something rediculous like "rock n roll butch" or something. or just tatoo a box of newports on me or something.

2006-05-17 07:39:35 ET


2006-05-17 07:45:55 ET

oh yeah and p.s. please don't tell anyone about this journal that might know me. it's kind of a secret and it's like really personal and whatever.

2006-05-18 04:36:22 ET

yeah, same here.

2006-05-18 10:11:21 ET


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