adam vs. jamie.
2006-05-22 07:14:10 ET



is gay..well bi now i suppose.
He keeps asking me out.
and i mean the boy is GORGEOUS. but..
everytime my heart starts to race for adam, jamies cute little face appears.
:\ what the hell.

2006-05-22 07:22:40 ET

i want to see a picture of jamie too
i think adam is a tad too effiminate for my tastes.

2006-05-22 07:27:40 ET

i'll get a picture of jamie + the tats for youuu. E>

2006-05-22 07:31:46 ET


2006-05-22 07:33:35 ET


2006-05-22 07:45:51 ET


2006-05-22 08:18:18 ET

i only like manly men

2006-05-22 08:18:43 ET

haha like fish who is frail and wears pinbk vinyl fingertless gloves

2006-05-22 16:08:56 ET

oh snap thats pretty manyl.

2006-05-23 05:19:11 ET

yeah he's intimidating.

2006-05-23 06:12:44 ET

i cant even spell manly.

2006-05-23 06:49:40 ET

i couldn't spell "pink" or "fingerless", so don't feel too bad, i'm the retard here.

2006-05-23 07:07:25 ET

its the new way of spelling.

2006-05-23 07:18:04 ET

it's the pr way of spelling

2006-05-23 07:23:36 ET

fuckn pinbk finderpess. i love it.

2006-05-23 15:38:22 ET

hmm alittle too little for me . i like my guy to make me feel tiny. my bf is skinny but taller and still not smaller than me. and i like old guys apparently . lol ...hes cute but looks likes hes 12 . i need a man . but this all about you sweetness not us

2006-05-24 04:52:02 ET

he called me yesterday and i'm begginning to
like him more and more :\.

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