Blood of creation always brings drama.
2006-06-06 06:27:21 ET

So like a month ago crystal tells these pretty tough girls shes going to put them in a fucking coma.
so on fridays show they decide they are going to jump her.
well me at shows=i know alot of people so i must say hi to all of them so i don't stick around one group for more then 10 minutes at a time. and see well adam doesn't know that i'm really like that at shows, so he asks crystal if i'm avoiding him, and she says..yes. like wtf you know very well i'm not avoiding him. so i told her to fuck off. and all the girls that were ready to beat up crystal were telling me about it and me being angry i say "Yeah, shes dumb, go ahead i won't stop you." then derrek comes up to me and shows me his fancy fake brass knuckles that were actually a belt buckle. i jokingly say.."use these on crystal." all the girls wanted to but I WOULDN'T LET THEM TOUCH THE FAKE BRASS KNUCKLES." so at the end of the show crystal gets shoved by cara, punched in the nose by ariel and punched in the eye by kasey. She calls a rescue squad for her black eye..
so its 10:30 and all of the people she brought with her needs rides. so I HAVE TO TAKE THEM HOME FROM KENOSHA TO DIFFERENT AREAS OF RACINE. so i'm past curfew and i get into trouble.
then on saturday night i get a phone call from adam saying that hes just talked to crystal and he thinks i'm fucking two faced and we're threw. i said how the hell am i two faced? something about me hating crystal and the next after she got beat up, helping her out and apologizing. yes i apologized because i felt sorry for her, i don't think apologizing after a fight is really two faced.
so crystal calls me on sunday and says we need to talk , like now.
so i told her thats shes a cunt for telling adam lies to break us up.
she says i'm a fucking bitch for being friends with the people that beat her up.
well she hangs up on me and i call back leaving her a message saying something like.."I hope you get beat up again..wait i don't i take it back, i'm sorry just this is so stupid..ect..ect.." so then she comes to my house with her dad and plays the message to my parents saying i'm threatening her and its all my fault she got beat up and that i gave the girls brass knucks to beat her up.
I calmy told her dad my side of the story, which was in complete truth.
so her dad was all mad at her for lying and everything so they left.
so now we're back at school and i THOUGHT we resolved this but instead i've had about
20 people come up to me and call me a fuckng bitch for having crystal beat up.
so shes telling everyone that its my fault.
all this stupid drama.

besides that
I made two new friends over the weekend.
from milwuakee tooo!!!
Dakota, i met her at mayfair she came out of no where and started calling me cute and hugged me and she was such a doll.

and and and

Natasha or well tasha this half black girl, at the show on friday.
she explained to me that she was a notorious bitch,
but i found her to be rather nice.

2006-06-06 07:49:18 ET

that shit's crazy. elliott's got that belt buckle/also brass knuckles thing, i think.

2006-06-06 14:59:33 ET

what a crazy crazy weekend and immature little girl . she'll grow up some day. so glad hs is over .

2006-06-15 22:23:44 ET

that was really entertaining

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