fuckkk it.
2006-08-02 20:54:05 ET


2006-08-02 20:57:58 ET

yeeeah, that's what happens.

2006-08-02 23:48:31 ET


My friend's been worrying about her shoplifting habit, everyone gets all melodramatic over the mention of it hahaha...

I've always been to scared though, teach me!

btw - BL with the grounding. :(:(:(:(

2006-08-03 02:47:35 ET

haha, i've been there. my friends and i are banned from walmart.
like we actually listen though.

2006-08-03 02:58:32 ET

better than jail

2006-08-03 07:05:32 ET

thats habit I had once upon a time , thank the stars I never got caught but I Wsa always really good at it . Not that that is something to be proud of ...

2006-08-03 12:53:17 ET

that sucks... I actually got caught for it when I wasn't doing it... long story short... i use to do it, but went to jail for someone else with me at the time

2006-08-04 08:46:49 ET

wtf, no one goes to jail for shoplifting. You didn't even get close to going to jail, at worst, you were in reman (holding) which is far from being jail. lol. And I still don't believe you even went there because they only put criminals in reman who either A) can't post bail or B)have a high probability of not showing up to their court date. Shoplifting is a misdemeanor, and falls under QUASI criminal law, people don't get fucking put in reman for misdemeanors unless there was a gross abuse of authority which I highly doubt would occur over something as trivial as a shoplifting charge. Unless of course you tried to jack like a 5,000 dollar plasma television or something. Then you mgiht spend all of 6 hours in a holding cell at the police station, which isn't even reman.

In other words, no one goes to jail for shoplifting.

Also, I'd really like to klnow how they charged you with this supposed "felony" with no evidence? Because at this point, I'm filing this one under "B" for bullshit.

2006-08-04 09:09:17 ET

I was with two people who has been caught a couple of times before. We were charged with organized crime. I met them at the mall where we were arrested as we walked around because these two idiots had $9000 worth of stolen jewelry on them that I didn't even know they just got from one of the stores. I wes held for three days because I couldn't be processed due to the computers being fucked up so they put me in county. The charges were dropped against me, but they gave me some BS probation for just being with them. Not quite sure why. Probably because I have records and is being watched by cops at the moment for pety drug stuff.

So i should've made myself more clear, but all in all I wasn't really bullshitting about jail. Oh and I believe, $1500 or more = jail time here. They got sentenced to 7 mo each minimum plus 5 yrs probation. I got 2 yrs probation.

2006-08-04 09:12:06 ET

That's pretty harsh sentencing for just being int he wrong palce at the wrong time. Damn. Wouldn't want to have that judge.

2006-08-04 09:14:43 ET

well that's texas for ya... i bet if they could.. everyone would get the death penalty for anything here.

2006-08-08 07:54:49 ET

oh dear.
been there,
and it sucks.
im sorry.

2006-08-29 11:47:17 ET

kenosha punk picnic: beat there, shithead.

2006-08-29 13:37:41 ET

i mean be there, holy god i'm hungover

2006-09-08 03:04:38 ET

damnnnnit. i wish i could. i miss you and all your moral corruptness.

2006-09-08 06:43:24 ET

yeah, well we should ahng out. i finally realized how close racine is.

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