2006-10-18 03:47:13 ET



2006-10-18 05:05:28 ET

your cat reminds me of my old cat (london..rip)

adorable. dig the nosering.

vanity is good for the body in small doses

2006-10-18 09:05:16 ET

I think your eyes should be open more often. Perhaps would help in getting a decent shot of your whole face?

2006-10-18 09:06:21 ET


2006-10-18 09:08:11 ET

And well. For variety.

2006-10-19 03:02:20 ET

haha i have shots of my "whole face" with my eyes open with decent shots, why not check out the pictures I have listed in my pictures section.

2006-10-19 07:29:31 ET

ive already done that. pictures are pictures either way. they are still your face so..ya know, they are still cool.

2006-10-20 03:38:33 ET


2006-10-20 04:22:17 ET

yes im not sure where i was going with that one.

but...your welcome?

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