Dear Subkultures,
2006-10-20 03:41:53 ET


computer class bores me.

2006-10-21 19:42:00 ET

What kind of books do you read, girl?

2006-10-23 05:55:30 ET

any book ever written by Chuck Palahniuk.
The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey.
Any book by Joe Meno.
Any book by Stephen Chbosky.
I'm attempting to get ahold of Circus of the Scars because I hear its incredible.
The "classics" I.E. The Counte de Monte de Cristo.

any good suggestions?

2006-10-23 09:02:02 ET

The Counte of Monte Cristo was excellent. I like Don Quixote as well, as far as classics. Also Shakespeare, especially Titus and Macbeth. Umberto Eco. Philip K. Dick.

2006-10-24 05:47:04 ET


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