Late last night..
2006-11-06 03:13:42 ET

I was on the phone with Drew. I finally worked up the courage to ask him what "we" are. I said i knew we were dating but if he sees this ending up as being just friends then fine, just to tell me right there and then so i wouldn't be wasting my time. He freaked out and said he really likes me...BUT he doesn't know if he can handle a girlfriend right now, but he still really likes me? FUCK THIS.

2006-11-06 03:18:13 ET

boys are vague

2006-11-06 04:03:52 ET

thats not always a bad thing ... when me and my bf started out we both said we didnt want to a gf or bf . Now weve been together since last Feb and only officially starting calling ourselves a couple last month or so ago .

we never dated anyone but each other but i think that grace period of relaxing casualness helped us form the bond we have with each other . Some times taking things real slow is the bestthing you can do . people espcially young females rush relationships these days . take it slow , learn about each other , let things flow and youll be happy in the end whether you end up with him or not .

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