Don't feel so great!
2011-09-01 13:40:02 ET

I just had the most amazing sex today. I mean me and him got into the biggest fight and then we just did the dirty till we were insanely breathless. I swear it was like jungle animals. lol Sadly, I got a UTI after! :( I hate how that always happens it's not my fault I like to have rough sex! So now I'm sitting here watching The New Adventures of Old Christine and eating Cheez-Its and drinking Cranberry Juice. What a great ending to a spectacular day... -_____-

2011-09-01 13:57:22 ET

CB juice is more preventative, after the fact it doesn't really help.

2011-09-01 15:46:58 ET


2011-09-01 16:36:11 ET

I've got some of those pills that makes you pee orange. You can have them if you want.

2011-09-04 09:59:53 ET

Pee after sex. Everytime.

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