I did it, I did it...
2003-12-30 13:02:46 ET

by george, I did it!! I FINALLY PUT EXTENSIONS IN SOMEONE'S HAIR!! AND IT LOOKED AWESOMETACULAR... ::proud:: But my stupid camera ate the pics, so I will post them later.

2003-12-30 13:05:38 ET

OMG, I want extensions put in my hair!

2003-12-30 13:19:54 ET

She's in berkeley luckie, she can do them for you.

2003-12-30 14:13:27 ET

hah, if she's willing to drive the 50 miles. : / and then I'd feel obligated to pay much $. maybe I should try doing it myself or get a real life acquaintance to help or something. something like that.

2003-12-30 15:06:11 ET

Someday you're gonna have to do mine. And I'm gonna have to pay you to send me those falls. ;)

2003-12-31 00:34:33 ET

Nuclear Fallout: lol, I swear, you will have them by valentines day, lady!

Luckieolp: Where are you? I might be able to do them for you :]

2003-12-31 12:11:37 ET

I'm near san jose

2004-01-01 00:12:24 ET

hrm...something may be worked out :] How near San Jose?

2004-01-01 00:16:48 ET

I actually live in the town of los gatos, I just like saying san jose because it's bigger. so, that's how near I am to san jose! I don't know how we could work it out, I don't think my house is a very good place because it's small and my parents probably wouldn't approve. so :/

2004-01-01 09:31:26 ET

well, if you could make it out to berkeley-land, I would be more than happy to do your hair at my apt.

2004-01-01 11:52:15 ET

I dunno, that's even less likely because I don't drive and people I know who DO drive wouldn't want to drive me out that far. egh, too bad it's so far. I wonder if my parents actually wouldn't care if you did it at my place. hmm...

2004-01-01 23:02:45 ET

Well, I dont have a car, either, actually...but I'm sure there's a way out there on public transportation. I'll check it out :]

2004-01-02 10:26:48 ET


2004-01-06 10:43:10 ET

Really? That would make me so happy.

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