Open wound + Lemon Juice +Salt
2004-01-19 12:39:04 ET

Ouch, I hurt today...I'm so ready to go home. My roomate gave me his cold, and I'm falling asleep on the job. This working six days a week shit has got to stop, dammit.

The club went well on sat. We beat our 100 person goal, and everyone seemed to have an awesome time. The dance floor was packed for most of the night, and the smoking patio, also. It's funny because for all the alchies that hang around goth clubs, not many people bought drinks...they're dirt cheap, peeps! We need to keep our space! Bastages.

ok...back to work :[

2004-01-19 13:03:37 ET

a 21+ club, 100 people, and barely anyone bought drinks? those are cheap bastages!

2004-01-19 15:08:50 ET

especially at $3 for a comocazi (sp?), $4 for a Purple Orchid, and $6 for a red bull and vodka :P CHEAP!

2004-01-19 15:24:42 ET

Kamikaze :P. 3$ for a kamikaze? That place better be open past my birthday!

2004-01-19 16:31:43 ET

it's open until the last weekend in march...2on and fourth you can come on the 27th :] Let me know ahead for sure and I'll get you on the guest list.

2004-01-19 16:42:45 ET

why only that long?

2004-01-19 16:50:27 ET

well, for sure, anyway...he's guaranteed us through March. But if we do poorly, the club will cease to exist after that.

2004-01-19 16:58:08 ET


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