2004-01-20 16:38:29 ET

and, uhm....yeah :P

2004-01-20 16:41:00 ET

I said it once today, I'll say it again.....

.....I don't remember what I said....but

HAHA! I knew it!

2004-01-20 16:51:36 ET

::tries to look innocent:: knew what? I have no idea what you're talking about

2004-01-20 16:52:12 ET

Riiiiight.....don't make me talk to D

2004-01-20 16:54:08 ET

::blinks:: about what??

2004-01-20 16:55:00 ET


Rule of advice: Don't play the SOTU drinking game with Dylan.

2004-01-21 05:42:52 ET


2004-01-21 09:13:44 ET

State of the Union

2004-01-21 18:00:49 ET

its probably not as fun as my Apop drinking game

2004-01-21 18:09:40 ET

apop drinking game?

2004-01-21 18:12:29 ET

yes. Play the Live 98 cd. Take a drink every time you hear "Okeeey!!" or for added fun two drinks for a "yeeeeah!"

2004-01-21 18:20:06 ET

oh and I had to think for a min...at first I thought you were refering to State of the Union, the band! :x
*pulls head out of futurepopland*

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