since when did I stop turning into a pumpkin?
2004-02-29 00:51:15 ET

It is way past my bedtime, and I just got home from an awesometacular night at Body Rapture. I got two free drinks from friends, and was offered another two (by lechy old men), which I did *not* accept. All of the djs had good sets tonight and my only complaint is that I was not able to dance more...But...I came home with one dollar less than I left with, so all is not lost :]

I am very drunk right now and need to get my ass to I think I'll do that. Good night, world.

2004-02-29 23:08:22 ET

well you'll be able to dance more when they spin some Red Youth dammit :)

2004-03-03 20:19:49 ET

lol! Get me a cd, biotch, and I'll see to it that they do :P

2004-03-04 13:34:57 ET

soon i promise....just tell austin red youth is more important than school and make him believe that.....(good luck :) )

2004-03-06 22:15:50 ET

Well, that's one option...the thing is, too, though, is music his life? Cuz if it's not maybe hunting for someone new isn't a bad idea? Maybe sit him down and go "Dude, I dont mean this at all as an insult to your talent, but I need people in the band who are going to put music first."

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