2004-03-07 10:18:57 ET

My skin is flaking off in colors, now, haha. Nothing like going to rub your arm and having flakes of blue and orange come off on your hand :P

Does anyone out there have an oily scalp in the bay area? I need a model for a scalp treatment class this thursday from 5-7 pm.

i had a bizarre dream last night about being stalked. It was very strange. All my friends came over to protect me. The guy was sitting outside on my porch watching me through the windows. creepy, creepy.

2004-03-07 10:20:41 ET

I have blue flaking off my arm too.

2004-03-07 10:25:02 ET

woot for fresh and flaky tattoos :]

2004-03-07 11:41:26 ET

did you have more work done on it? i know i heavnt been out there in a bit so i heavn't seen it :)

2004-03-07 11:58:47 ET

i did...a little more shading and some color...more color monday...are you coming out tonight with lenny and tyler?

2004-03-07 12:09:10 ET

no not tonight...i got school tomorow and stuff to take care of here

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