Wallowing in self pity
2004-03-08 06:08:43 ET

Have you ever woken up in the morning, starving and wanting something - anything to eat...and then realized you have no food? and no money to get food?

yeah...it sucks.

2004-03-08 06:14:26 ET

*is going through that right now.... minus the no money thing, just no time to get food*

2004-03-08 06:15:40 ET

Whenever that happens, I smoke a cigarette. Boom! Problem gone.
If you don't have cigarettes or money for some, then it's a thousand times worse than not having food.

2004-03-08 06:23:08 ET

I am almost out of cigarettes, actually...luckly by the time i'll be out, I will be at work, where I can borrow money....unfortunately, only enough to buy me cigarettes, tho.

2004-03-08 06:23:46 ET

What are you smoking that's cheaper than food?

2004-03-08 06:24:23 ET

Chesterfeild lights...$4.00 a pack :P

2004-03-08 06:25:30 ET

I got 2 for 1 on those yesterday! It would have been better if
A. They weren't lights, although you can tear the filter out
B. Matia didn't take the extra pack

2004-03-08 06:38:22 ET

lol, friends are always good for that :P But it's cool, cuz you know that if you're ever in a situation where you need smokes, they totally have your back :P

My friends are just not awake, yet :P

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