Moving day
2004-03-14 06:32:33 ET

The Dresden Dolls have officially grown on me...I am completely addicted...must acquire more :P

Gotta move shit.

2004-03-14 06:50:20 ET


2004-03-14 06:54:21 ET

oh yeah, free stuff on their site:

2004-03-14 10:05:56 ET

whoa that's creepy yet interesting now......must......check....out

2004-03-14 13:34:41 ET

Didn't you just move, or am I hallucinating?

2004-03-15 14:23:54 ET

Bugsy, I did just move four months ago...but there was some funky shiznatally going down at my old place, so we moveded.

2004-03-16 13:31:04 ET

Ah. Well, best of luck this time around.

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