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2004-04-12 20:25:45 ET

So my mom bought me a T-Mobile Sidekick for my birthday. It's still getting all of it's ducks in a row, so i can't do much with it besides look at it and check my voicemail from another phone...tomorrow, however, there will be much interwebbing during class.

I've been really homesick the last couple of days. All I want to do is go to places that I'm most comfy. parents' house...I want to go and sit on their couch and watch tv with my parents and eat food...and I want to go to dylan's and lay in bed with him and the girl...I just want to be surrounded by people I love deeply, who love me back.

I heard from my friend Nes...she's stationed in Georgia right now...she told me about some nutty things that I wont go into, but it worries me. She's kinda goin' a little crazy out there with the drinkin'. I know she'll be fine, but man. She and her friends are totally crazy. Sometime this summer she wants to fly me out there...but I don't know if I want to drink with her crazy ass friends...i think they have a little *too* much fun for my taste :P

But right now, it's time to drink rum and drown my sorrows....

2004-04-12 21:58:03 ET

You is welcome anytime baby!

2004-04-12 23:48:55 ET

can we cudde in bed with the girl? If so, is tomorrow after ten ok?

2004-04-13 00:51:15 ET

i have work super early, I don't know but I might call in sick if I can

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