thousand year old dust bunnies
2004-05-06 12:03:46 ET

My project today is to clean and organize the island...a little storage area in the salon, camoflauged by mirrors and counters on the outside. There's a small crawlspace for an entrance...and when I say small, I mean, I can barely fit through the opening.

Anyhow the trouble is that it hasn't been organized, or cleaned, for at least 7 years. Its like an archeological dig, which is fascinating, but the dust bunnies are actually not bunnies at all. They are buffalos and they scare me.

However, it is a project that will keep me occupied all day. I've spent two hours in there already (I had to take a break because other assistants needed their lunch breaks, including myself), and its only about a third of the way done. I hope I can finish it today. I made a lot of headway, so here's hopin.

Anyhow...lunch break is almost over. But can I just say how grateful I am that the nazi doesn't come in before 11, usually? She was here training the new assistant this morning, and man...nothin like trying to do your job with someone watching your every move, waiting for you to make a mistake...which, ofcourse, prompts you to make one that you would never normally make.

2004-05-06 12:38:37 ET

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