2004-05-21 12:14:32 ET

Vacation is over :[ back to work today, and its kickin mah booty.

Been having all manners of strange and disturbing nightmares recently. The latest as of last night involving a computer game like the sims, but with real people...and I sped up the time and couldn't stop it, and I watched this granny and her two grandkids die of starvation, unsanitary conditions and rot in fast forward...but they weren't cgi, it was like watching a ffwed video tape. Then I was chased and almost raped by some huge drunk guy, who I later shot in the head...and at the end of the dream, I ended up at a fucked up insane asylum where shock therapy was their only form of therapy, and not being allowed to bathe.

Ugh ::shudders:: if these nightmares don't stop I may end up having to seek out therapy :[.

2004-05-21 12:24:17 ET

That sounds... suck.

On a lighter note, you got to play god.

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