2004-05-29 10:54:08 ET

I thought libraries were supposed to be quiet! So annoying...since when were people allowed to talk hell of loud and carry on and let their children run screaming through the racks?

I dont know,maybe I'm just old fashioned, but jiminey christmas people! It's almost like a cafe in here! };[

ANyhow...started pre-production shit for Mr.Bacon's movie. I played hookie today so I could go shopping for supplies, but the place I was gonna go was closed.Monkey.

I am starving...must attain food...somehow...maybe I can eat at the psychic fair?

2004-05-29 13:13:35 ET

we owe you food shan. the band should come over sometime and make you dinner man.

2004-05-29 13:50:24 ET

We'll save you...It'l be like Somalia but not.

2004-05-29 17:52:51 ET

awwww, shanks guys....

LENNY! jesus, it's been ages?? How are you?? How's your hair?? You guys *do* need to come over and hang out soon!

mmmm fooood...I'd have to do some dishes first :P It's like two guys live here, haha. Although, you guys dont owe me anything except some over-due company :]

2004-05-29 17:56:30 ET

im am good. the hair is "ok" i guess. you need to look at it. i want to dye it "red", but me and the band are good and deanna is good as well. how are you? we all need to come out and see you guys sometime.

2004-05-29 18:00:50 ET

Awesome! Glad to hear you are doing well with everything. Glad to hear you're still with Deanna :]:] Any shows lined up for red youth, yet?

You should come down before this movie mess gets into full swing and I have no more time :P I'll look at your hair, and we'll drink and hang out. Maybe I can get ahold of some dred head stuff to help them lock. Silly stubborn dreddies :P

2004-05-29 18:06:51 ET

you are reading my mind shan. do you think you can help dye them for meh?

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