A revelation of sorts
2004-07-10 08:51:46 ET

I've figured it out. I think. Why work makes me so miserable. Aside from the fact it's work, ofcourse.

Angela, the soon to be gone assistant (she's moving, dammit :[), told me today that she thinks people at my salon are very cold. When I think about it, with the exeption of a few, she's very right, and is most likely why I feel like an outcast most of the time.

She said that back home, people were always very nice, never treated anyone like they were invisible, or like they were a machine. It's very true that the assistants at my salon are treated like slaves most of the time, and most of the stylists that treated us like people, not machines, have left or are leaving.

This makes me wonder about my career here. How people automatically blame assistants for things, how no matter how hard we work, its never enough. How, if an assistant is having a slow day, and they're kind of not with it, its unacceptable, but stylists are mooned over and sympathized with when the same happens to them.

Ugh. I don't know...its making me crazy, but, being an assistant myself, there's nothing I can really do. We're treated like children and our concerns are usually taken lightly.

Anyhow, back into the monster's mouth, I go.

2004-07-11 13:52:14 ET

that's why you need matia and i to came down there and you can show them that you can be a stylist, and do crazy peoples hair like matia and myself. i hope you are feeling ok me and matia will show those people the what for.

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